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"Obamacare…Obamacare…Obamacare…"  Whether you've wanted to hear it or not, chances are you've probably heard that phrase being thrown around at your local coffee shops, super-markets, commercials on your television sets, magazine ads or maybe even the DREADED FAMILY DINNER GATHERINGS which I personally have had to experience. Opposed to it or not, Obamacare has officially been put in order and it's coming to a State, county, and law near you. 

So what exactly is Obamacare you might ask?  Well to describe it simply, Congress put forth in place the idea that every American shall have/obtain health insurance and to make sure that these health insurance plans promote your well being but also protect you financially, protecting every American individual from unlawful and predatory insurance companies and ending practices that may hurt uninsured or underinsured individuals. This law is actually labeled as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as the ACA, or…you said it, OBAMACARE.  

According to recent statistics generated by the Federal Government, there are an estimated 44 million Americans living without health care today, and that's just what has been "recorded" so it's probably safe to assume the number is slightly higher. Personally, I was one of these statistics living without health care for over a year and boy did I regret not having it when I injured myself with a herniated disk in my lower back…but that sob story is for another time.  What I want to touch upon is the fact, no, the "dream" and "belief" that Obamacare is set out to make every American's life better so to speak.

Pros of Obamacare:

  • If you work for a company that currently does not provide you health insurance, Obamacare will soon provide options for you to get it.
  • Those who do not or have not had health insurance can now get it
  • Even people who fall in the low-income demographic can still get health insurance at an affordable rate
  • There are many benefits from Obamacare but that in truth depends on your circumstances

Cons of Obamacare:

  • In such a long document created by the Obama Administration, it is listed as being over 1000 pages and this exhibits that Obamacare affects people in certain ways, some benefiting and others not benefiting from the changes in health care
  •  Obamacare simply does not make sense in that if you DON'T have or do not purchase some type of health insurance by January 1st, 2014, you will be forced to pay a penalty?
  • Obamacare is highly controversial in that it goes against the American principles of a free nation in which people get to decide what they want to purchase with their own hard earned money

In essence, I just gave you a short description of what Obamacare is, what it intends to do, and what some of the pros and cons are relating to it.  However, I am not here to debate whether Obamacare is right or wrong, instead, my personal mission here is to inform you of the cheap and affordable options within the state of Oregon in relation to health insurance…you can find these descriptions by scrolling down to the "recent posts" section at the bottom right of the webpage and clicking on each individual title…

Here we will be viewing and describing certain Health Insurance companies and their options in the State of Oregon that are both cheap and affordable to each Oregonian, couple, or family unit in the state. Many Americans know that Obamacare is well on it's way and that EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN will be required to have some sort of Health Insurance plan in the near future. This site will not only dive into the different options Oregonians will have to find a solution to their Health Insurance needs, but also will direct them to the most AFFORDABLE AND CHEAPEST OPTIONS available for Oregon citizens and will aid in finding an affordable and cheap solution!       

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